The National NHS Muslim Network are excited to offer our members with the opportunity to Reverse Mentor an NHS England Executive!

Reverse Mentoring is in essence the same as Mentoring, however the roles are reversed, whereby the senior member of staff (Reverse Mentee) is being mentored by a junior colleague (Reverse Mentor).

Once applications have been received, the Co-Chairs along with the Head of Career Development will review and select one member to be assigned to an NHS England Executive. You will be expected to virtually meet with your assigned Executive for a minimum of 1 hour at least once a quarter (over a 12 month period). As a Reverse Mentor you will share your lived experience as a Muslim colleague working within the NHS.

Our Reverse Mentees are:

  • Chris Hopson, Chief Strategy Officer, and Executive Sponsor of the National NHS Muslim Network, NHS England
  • Em Wilkinson-Brice, National Director of People, NHS England

This opportunity is open to all our members who are Muslim colleagues within the NHS.

Deadline to submit an application is 5pm, 1 December 2023.