Building awareness and care quality

The Muslim Network Health Collaboration represents a collaboration of voluntary Networks across the health space to provide health staff with a strong, unified voice so that issues facing them are heard at a senior level. The Collaboration also has a significant focus on improving the health and wellbeing of the Muslim communities we live in by focusing on awareness of various health issues and faith sensitive policy setting.

On the external front, the Collaboration works with a number of health agencies, including NHS England & NHS Improvement, Public Health England and the Department of Health & Social Care, to tackle health inequalities in Muslim communities. This is achieved by providing these health agencies with access to harder-to-reach parts of the Muslim community and to provide a feedback loop so issues facing Muslim communities are addressed and considered during policy setting.

A great wealth of research exists suggesting that Mosques and other faith institutions can play a key role in improving the health of various communities. This is because they are institutions that are already public facing and they are used frequently by the elderly who might not otherwise be accessible to health authorities. And because of the trust element, they are a great way to get health messaging out to harder-to-reach parts of the Muslim community, even women, whose children would normally attend classes in the Mosques.

As such, the Collaboration have carried out government health pilots across the country, collaborating particularly with mosques, community organisations and charities to help policy reach members of different communities who might otherwise have found the information and consultation inaccessible.

Alongside the focus on giving health staff a unified voice, the Collaboration is also interested in ensuring the development of members. As a result, we run a number of professional development workshops and schemes, aimed at developing soft skills and developing confidence in the workplace. This is in addition to the work we do to buddy Muslim health staff with others in their respective field and mentoring so staff can overcome any barriers to senior leadership.

Finally, the Collaboration has a further aim of developing faith literacy and faith sensitivity in all areas, both internal to workplaces and external in practice. The Collaboration is dedicated to showcasing new research and faith sensitive resources to improve people’s understanding of the Muslim community so that more faith sensitive policies can result.

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The Muslim Network Health Collaboration is an umbrella organisation for a number of voluntary networks across the health space, including the Muslim networks of Public Health England, NHS England & NHS Improvement and Department of Health & Social Care.