Senior leaders across the NHS and the wider Civil Service took part in the Muslim Network Health Collaboration’s annual fast-a-thon challenge in support for Muslim staff fasting through Ramadan.

Leaders including Clare Moriarty (Perm Secretary and Civil Service Faith Lead), Simon Stevens (Chief Executive of NHS England and Improvement), Chris Wormald (Perm Secretary for Department of Health and Social Care) Baroness Dido Harding (Chair of NHS Improvement), Lord David Prior (Chair of NHS England), Max Hill (Director of Crown Prosecution Service) and Prerana Issar (newly appointed NHS Chief People Officer), all skipped lunch and donated their lunch money towards a report jointly commissioned by the Muslim Network Health Collaboration around mental health issues among Muslim youth.

Senior colleagues were joined by others across the various regional sites including Premier House (Reading), Quarry House (Leeds), Birmingham and 3 sites across London.

Charity contributions went towards a report the Muslim Network Health Collaboration are commissioning jointly with Better Community Business Network (BCBN) charity and the University of East London on mental health challenges facing Muslim youth. The aim of the report is to shed light on mental health challenges faith communities encounter, which will help health agencies like Public Health England, NHS England, NHS Improvement and Department of Health and Social Care devise more faith-sensitive policies and treatments/services.

The Muslim Network Health Collaboration would like to thank all staff that took part in this year’s fast-a-thon challenge.

There is still time to donate towards the cost of the report, please follow this link.