As we enter the blessed month of Ramadan, the NHS Muslim Network would like to extend a warm Ramadan Mubarak to all those who are participating. 

While this Ramadan will not, like last year, be a ‘normal’ Ramadan due to the pandemic, there are several blessings and opportunities to make the most of the month and capture the original spirit of Ramadan, which is about reconnecting with Allah (God), engaging in worship and making a long term change.

Throughout the month, we are encouraging all our members to make this Ramadan a healthy Ramadan – by not overindulging during the Iftar (evening meal) and eating wholesome, nutritious food during the Suhoor (morning meal). Look out for our daily reminders and top tips throughout the month on our social media.  We will also be hosting several events and sessions for our members, ranging from spiritual reminders to check-in sessions – our full schedule is below: 

Celebrating Ramadan – Event calendar

We will be sending out the joining link to all our members for each event closer to the time, but if you do not receive the joining link then please get in contact via:

Celebrating Ramadan

To start the month of Ramadan, we hosted an event looking at the importance of Ramadan, reflecting on a year of the pandemic and its impact on the Muslim community, sharing our stories and experiences of fasting in the NHS, discussing the COVID-19 vaccines roll out, and discussing the #Fastathon2021 challenge and the upcoming schedule of events for the month. Watch the video where our Chief People Officer, Prerana Issar shared her views on the importance of inclusion in the NHS in the context of Ramadan.

The Fast a Thon 2021 Challenge

The NHS Muslim Network is once again holding an annual #Fastathon2021 in the month of Ramadan to celebrate and create awareness of this holy month. We will see colleagues across the NHS and beyond join us to fast for all or part of the day and help us raise funds for a worthy cause that aims to eradicate food poverty in the UK. 

The Network hopes to raise money for the Trussel Trust so that we all can work towards building a hunger free future by providing emergency food via nationwide food banks and support to those most at need during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.  

The Challenge – #fastathon2021

Both, Muslim and non-Muslims colleagues are invited to: 

  1. Register your details Here
  2. Complete one full fast (sunrise to sunset) or partial half day fast (if you are able to) 
  3. Donate to Trussell Trust
  4. Tag/nominate 5 people to do the same
  5. Post a photo of your iftar (meal to break your fast) on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #fastathon2021 and tag us on twitter @NHSMuslimNet or Instagram on NHSMuslimNetwork 

If you are unable to fast but would like to support the cause, please feel free to Donate

Updated Ramadan guidance for staff

As Muslims begin to prepare for the month of Ramadan, the Network, in collaboration with NHS England and Improvement, the British Islamic Medical Association (BIMA) and the Muslim Doctors Association (MDA) has refreshed guidance for staff and managers on fasting in the NHS.

Ramadan will be marked all over the world from 12 or 13 April with month-long fasting and observations of spiritual reflection set to end on 12 or 13 May. This is followed by Eid the festival of fast breaking where traditionally family and friends get together to attend special prayers and celebrate the end of the holy month. The following guide is created to be shared with your work colleagues or line manager to help them understand the basics and getting the conversation started and a step toward a productive Ramadan.

A condensed version of the guidance can also be found on the NHS England and NHS Improvement website.

Collaboration with NHS Does Ramadan

The NHS Muslim Network is excited to be working with NHS Does Ramadan to share personal stories and reflections with you, directly from NHS staff during the month of Ramadan.

Follow @NHSDoesRamadan on Instagram and Twitter to see and hear from a Muslim member of staff each day of Ramadan. If you’d like to feature in the campaign and share your own reflections about your experiences of Ramadan in the NHS, get in contact with us via email or social media.

International Womens Day event 

Last month, we held a fantastic event celebrating the contributions of Muslim Women in the NHS. We heard from great speakers across the NHS, including Aisha Chaudhary (Head of Diversity and Inclusion, NHS England and NHS Improvement), Dr Hinnah Rafique (Founder and Director, Generation Medics), Hanadi Ghannam Alkhder (Senior Prescribing Advisor, NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG) and Dr Farah Roslan (Surgical Trainee, Northampton General Hospital).

We also shared the profiles of our amazing Muslimah leaders on the NHS Muslim Network Executive Committee – you can see their messages on Muslim Women’s Day on Twitter.

Mental Health wellbeing pack

Rochdale Dawah have worked with stakeholders to develop Mental Health wellbeing packs for the BAME community, to access these wellbeing packs for teenagers, mothers and adult wellbeing.

Please see Resources and Services – Rochdale Dawah Centre.

To create awareness of Mental Health the centre are also hosting 3 webinars this weekend:

  1. Teen Mental Health Session with Q&A by qualified GP’s on Friday 9th Apr 2021 @ 8pm on Zoom – Register:
  2. Teen Workshop for Boys – Life After Covid on Sunday 11th Apr 2021 @ 6pm on Zoom – Register: For queries email:

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