We are very excited to be launching our #NHSRamadanChallenge, as we invite all of our NHS allies and friends to join us for a day of fasting. This initiative is being led by the network and Chris Hopson, Chief Strategy Officer, and Executive Sponsor of the NHS Muslim Network, NHS England.

For this challenge we encourage all our NHS allies and friends to fast for a day of your choice during Ramadan – that means no food or water from the break of dawn to sunset. We also encourage you to donate (any amount) to a charity of your choice. Please do let us know that you are planning on fasting by using #NHSRamadanChallenge and tag the NHS Muslim Network on social media:

Twitter – @NHSMuslimNet

LinkedIn – @NHSMuslimNetwork

Instagram – @nhsmuslimnetwork

Please vlog or blog your experience and share it with us via the social media channels above.

Please note that for health reasons, fasting is not recommended for those with ill-health.

For more information on the initiative and a checklist, please click on the buttons below:

To find out more information, please view our Ramadan and Eid guidance 2023 here.