We have also released pray guidance which is designed, for managers and team members, to increase awareness relating to Islamic prayer times:

The Network has been working with the NHS England and NHS Improvement estates teams to improve facilities for all employees in Skipton House, Wellington House and Quarry House.


  • To install proper wudhu facilities;
  • To ensure proper and reasonable multi-faith facilities; and
  • To pioneer suitable toilet facilities, through the possibility of a hose attachment.

Wellington House

Wellington House, 133-155 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8UG
Enter lower ground level , turn right the multifaith will be located on first room on your lift (LG09)

Premier House

60 Caversham Rd, Reading RG1 7EB

To find the room: Take the lift by Reception or stairs to the 1st Floor, turn right and the room is the 2nd door on the left. Currently named ‘101 Store’ but will be replaced with ‘Multifaith room’ soon In sha Allah. The space behind the curtain is the Muslim prayer area and curtain can be drawn when praying.

Quarry House

Quarry Hill Leeds LS2 7UA

Located near the Leeds bus station, Quarry House has both male and female multi-faith rooms with cleaning facilities, these can be accessed on 2 different floors. Male members: 7C03 Female members: 1C18

Cross government multi faith rooms

A list of multi faith rooms in Government. This list is maintained by the community so please add to it if you feel there is anything missing.

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