The NHS Muslim Network is once again holding an annual fast-a-thon in the month of Ramadan to celebrate and create awareness of this holy month. We will see colleagues across the NHS and beyond join us to fast for all or part of the day and help us raise funds for Trussell Trust who help us better support food banks in this time of uncertainty. The Network hopes to:

a) raise awareness of the holy month of Ramadan amongst colleagues and the wider public.

(b) donate to the charity: Trussell Trust Food Banks If you are unable to fast but would like to support the cause, please feel free to Donate

Both, Muslim and non-Muslims colleagues are invited to

Get involved – Starting 11 of April

  1. Register your details
  2. Complete one full fast (sunrise to sunset) or partial half day fast (if you are able to)
  3. Donate to Trussell Trust Food Banks
  4. Tag/nominate 5 people to do the same
  5. Post a photo of your iftar (meal to break your fast) on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #fastathon2022 and tag us on twitter @NHSMUSLIMNET or Instagram on NHSMUSLIMNETWORK

Donate now