NHS Improvement and NHS England are keen to get more staff to declare their ESR data accurately. This information is very important for the organisation to know how well they are doing from the perspective of:
– Ethnicity
– Disability
– Age
– Gender
– Sexual Orientation
– Religion

Monitoring equality and diversity in the workforce enables the organisation to examine how their employment and processes are working and to identify areas which may be impacting disproportionately on certain groups of staff.

The Muslim Network Collaboration would strongly encourage all staff to complete their ESR data accurately. This will allow the Network to determine the number of Muslim staff in the organisation and any policies impacting disproportionately on staff can be raised at a senior level.

For more information on how to update your ESR data or how this information will be used by the organisation, please email Natasha Clarke or Riyaz Patel in the Diversity and Inclusion team.