October is annually recognised as Black History Month, and to celebrate our vast Islamic heritage through the lens of Black History, we will be launching our own Black History Month campaign, including sharing the stories and lived experiences of Black Muslims in the NHS, launching a new programme in examining health inequalities and hosting a series of events by influencers and leaders in the Muslim community

BIMA and MCB – Operation Vaccination

Flu season is upon us, and this year, it is more important than ever to ensure our communities are protected from this. Flu can make it easier for us to contract other infections, like COVID-19 or pneumonia, and can make other long-term illnesses worse.The British Islamic Medical Association, in collaboration with the Muslim Council of Britain and the Muslim Health Network Collaborative, are launching Operation Vaccination, a campaign to increase awareness in Muslim communities about the importance of getting the flu vaccination this winter.Alongside the British Islamic Medical Association, The British Board of Scholars and Imams, they have pulled together a toolkit and seven easy steps to join Operation Vaccination and help keep Muslim communities safe this winter. You can use this toolkit and all resources provided to work with your local public health body to ensure there is a plan in place that is inclusive of Muslim communities and take a leading role in encouraging vaccination against the flu.

Islamophobia in NHS

A recent article by the Huffington Post UK highlighted instances of staff abuse and Islamophobic treatment in the NHS.This series of articles highlighted instances where front line clinicians faced Islamophobic and discriminative behaviour from both colleagues and patients and included instances of structural barriers that many Muslim colleagues have faced in career progression and raising grievances.The NHS Muslim Network is looking to work with senior leaders in the NHS to ensure that this behaviour is not tolerated and will look to engage and develop a programme in order to evaluate and combat Islamophobia in the NHS.In the interim, we would like to offer members a safe, fully confidential space to discuss any concerns and discrimination in the workplace. You can contact us via our email address: england.muslim1@nhs.net or via the Collaborative website.

Black Muslim Lives Matter Campaign

This week we officially launched our Black Muslim Lives Matter Campaign with our joint event with the NHSEI BAME Network on sickle cell disease and the health inequalities experienced by this population. We heard from the Sickle Cell Society about (1) the experiences of patients with this painful, systemic and chronic disease; (2) the heritage project which is documenting the history of this predominately black disease since the arrival of the Windrush generation and (3) the importance of giving blood.

Videos: Portraits of Pain and Layla & Suki – Blood Donors Save My Life (SCS & NHSBT)

You can also view the guidance on how to support colleagues with sickle cell in the workplace  

Missed the event? Download the slide pack


To sign up for this free event, please email england.muslim1@nhs.net. This event is for NHS Muslim Network members only.

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