Mental Health & Well-being

Established in 2011, the Better Community Business Network (BCBN) is a Muslim-led charity set up to identify difficult social causes and worthwhile community projects within the UK. We provide grants and support the work of grassroot, community organisations and charities working within deprived communities. Programme areas range from education and poverty to social cohesion, health and wellbeing. All our supported causes and charity partners undergo a comprehensive due diligence and vetting process. BCBN has raised in excess of £1.3 million and has been described by many as a “safe pair of hands” acting as a conduit for businesses to engage fully with their corporate social responsibility.

You learn how to cope with different situations and people learning things. It makes you think about things and your feelings, about your family and friends. Safe spaces to go and what to do if you are in trouble. The things that are taught help you learn and life and how to do the right things and also help others

Aged 11-18, Participant of the ‘Resilient Me’ Programme
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